Hey job seekers—

We need to talk about job descriptions.

"Boring," you're thinking. That's the problem.

Actually, it's not just your problem. Job descriptions rule this world of ours.

You've got skills, companies have dollars. Take the job? That's half your waking hours. That's "work." The labor market. The economy itself.

Job descriptions define what work is, and what isn't work.

So long as they're boring, the joke's on everyone, and if you're looking for work now, well, you ain’t laughing.


Speaking of, we need to talk about you.

Because lofty talk aside, the solution starts with a question only you can answer.

What would you rather be doing 9–5?

It feels like heaven to solve a hard problem. To help someone and catch a smile. To work together and achieve something you couldn't on your own.  

That's the potential of work. A sense of meaning.

It's on our minds, and yours too. Our search for meaning makes us human. And you'll find it at the best companies, but never in a job description.


Before You Apply is what we wish existed the last time we looked for work.

It's the best way we know to evaluate a job opportunity. It's what you'd build too if you designed job search from square one. And the big reveal: we’ve (mostly) left job descriptions out.  

Before You Apply gives you what you want: a window in.

Join us, and meet teams you admire—or didn’t know existed. Meet the people you'd work along side; vet the company culture. Find a mission you connect with, and, yea, learn about the work itself.

And do it all before you apply.