Give job seekers what they want.

A team profile on Before You Apply illuminates the opportunity of joining your team, and converts qualified talent—both passive and active—into applicants who show up to interviews informed and excited.

Sound good? Complete the form and we’ll send you details and a link to choose a call time. On the call, we’ll answer your questions and talk shop. If you’re ready to go (no pressure) we can schedule next steps on the spot. Oh, and pricing is here.

How it works


Get on board

Submit an application (above). We'll tell you if we're a fit within 24 hours, and/or we'll schedule a quick call to make sure we're all set up for success.


Create the profile

Our team will guide the creation of the profile. You don't need prior experience with content; we'll ask you key questions, then tackle everything else ourselves.


Activate with candidates

Over Zoom, our team will lead "Launch Day," a wild afternoon of hands-on training and best practices for getting the profile in front of great candidates.

9 reasons it's awesome

Get passive candidates to reply to your emails

You have high standards, and so do experienced candidates. We'll give them the information they've long wanted; you'll get a sublimely high response rate.

Help underrepresented candidates feel welcome

For most outsiders, your company is an enigma. That's extra true for candidates from underrepresented groups. We'll show them they have a home on your team.

You can use the content we create anywhere, for free

Seriously. We're not here to nickel and dime you. Our contract says you can use the content we create together for whatever you want, forever, without asking us.

You don't need to be an employer branding expert

Before You Apply embodies best practices from our team's 20+ combined years of experience in employer branding and recruitment marketing.

We'll PM everything so you'll barely have to think

You're busy, and we've done this before, so let's do what we do best. You'll only have to think during the few superbly-facilitated calls we put on your calendar.

Candidate activation is part of the package

We're not a faceless tool: we're going to personally walk you through an 8-step activation workflow to make sure your profile gets seen by candidates.

Avoid the nightmare that is employee generated video

Employee-generated video sounds cool—but is a quality control nightmare. We provide structure and guidance to deliver quality, authentic video at scale.

You won't drop $15–20K just to freakin' try it

Most tools and services in this space require hair-raising up-front buy-in. Shoot, you could buy a freakin' car for $20K. It's your money...but that's one heck of a risk.

Need enterprise support? Yea, we've got that.

Our sister team at Job Portraits has built employer brands for dozens of enterprise clients. From roadmap through execution, we've got your back.

“Before You Apply has profiled two of our teams. Our reach and engagement have grown significantly, and resumes from qualified candidates have quadrupled.

We give Sam, Nate, and Jackson our highest recommendation. They’re consummate professionals who have guided us along the way, delivering immediate wins that are moving the needle.”

– Heather Wilson, Employer Brand + Events at TaxJar

About us

Before You Apply was born as an experiment within Job Portraits, an employer branding studio based in San Francisco.

Together we've worked with over 100 startups, VCs, and Fortune 500 companies. Here in late 2020, the BYA crew is growing quickly. We're rather itchy to see where this all goes.

Meet Sam (production), Nate (marketing), and Jackson (product).

Frequently asked questions

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