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Early-Stage Team @ Flock Homes

Flock is a better way to own and sell residential real estate. We don’t work for Wall Street—we serve the 17 million Americans who own rental properties but don’t want to be landlords. Our tech-driven solution seamlessly converts real estate into shares in a professionally managed portfolio of homes. Some people call it the UPREIT, we call it "The People’s REIT." Learn how we’re building the retirement solution for landlords.

What problems are you solving?

Why do customers trust you with their largest finacial asset?

What's your longest long-term plan?

What aspect of your culture do you most fear losing with growth?

What are the hours like and is remote work permitted?

How much agency or impact does each individual engineer have at the company?

How are you different from the hedge funds that are hoovering up houses across the country?

How did you discover this problem?

What keeps you up at night?

Feeling like a match?

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