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Early Stage Team @ Proof of Play

We are a small group of veteran game developers and entrepreneurs creating games using blockchain technology. Our vision is simple: to create generation-defining games that fundamentally grant power and ownership to the players who play them. Our team hails from Epic Games, Zynga, EA, and Activision, where we led $1b+ franchises like “FarmVille”, “Mafia Wars”, and “Command and Conquer.”

What have you already built and what's next?

What could go wrong?

Gaming is notorious for burning people out—what are the hours like?

Where did this space even come from?

What's hard about what you're building?

How do team members collaborate on a daily basis?

How well does Proof of Play pay?

How big is the team right now?

What influenced you to start a gaming company?

Do candidates need to know a lot about games or the industry?

Where do new ideas come from?

What is your approach to game design?

Why should someone want to switch from off-chain game development to on-chain game development?

What's the difference between the games that exist today and blockchain games?

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