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Built in the browser, Figma is a design platform that’s changing the way people design, prototype, and iterate together. Our platform enables multiplayer collaboration, simplifying the design process for entire product teams—from designers to developers and stakeholders in between. As a member of our EMEA Sales team, you’ll work with our roster of Fortune 1000 companies to drive continued growth through meaningful relationships with customers in the region. Do you have an agile, dynamic mindset and a desire to join us on our mission to make design accessible to all? If so, you’d be a great fit for our team, and we’d love to connect with you.

What does the typical sales cycle look like?

What moment are you in as a team?

How should candidates prepare for interviews?

What is it like selling to designers?

What makes the team effective?

Do candidates need to know anything about the industry?

What is a common misconception about the company?

Which company value resonates most with you?

On the spectrum of competitive to collaborative, where would you place your team culture?

What does career progression look like in the sales function?

What's a moment that could only happen at this company?

How does the sales team interact with other teams at the company?

How much agency does each team member have?

For the team to be more effective, what needs to improve?

Why do team members stay at the company?

What's your most important non-financial metric?

Feeling like a match?

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