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We’re building the first end-to-end software solution to transform the trades, a trillion-dollar industry that’s been overlooked by technology for far too long. Recognized by Forbes as one of the top cloud companies, we use our deep industry knowledge and technical expertise to develop solutions that empower entrepreneurs and companies of all sizes to grow and scale their businesses. When you join our engineering team, you’ll develop best-in-class features and product enhancements that optimize the way our customers do business. You’ll be part of an elite team that drives everything from microservices architecture to custom API development. It’s no easy feat, but challenging work inspires greatness. Ready to make a career-defining move? Join us. We’re just getting started.

What moment are you in as a team?

Which company value resonates with you the most?

What characteristics have helped team members be successful at ServiceTitan?

How has your perception of the company changed since you joined?

How should candidates prepare for interviews?

How do you score on the Joel Test?

How do you approach a hard task?

What will new hires experience in their first 30 days?

How much agency or impact does each individual have at the company?

What challenges are you most looking forward to in the next 12 months?

What's hard about what you're building?

What are the hours like and is remote work permitted?

How does the engineering team contribute to core business goals?

How do you approach technical debt?

What's the hardest problem that you recently solved successfully?

What will new hires experience in the first 30 days?

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