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We’re Flex, an early-stage, remote-first startup that is bringing flexibility to recurring bills. We started by revolutionizing the way that people pay their rent. Now, our users can pay all of their bills throughout the month on a schedule that better fits their budget. We’re just getting started. We invite you to meet our team—and learn more about our product and engineering culture. Reach out if you have any questions. We'd love to hear from you.

What are the best reasons to join Flex?

As CTO, why did you yourself join the team?

What moment are you in as a team?

Who are your users?

Does the team work on a cadence? Sprints?

What were the early days like? Does Flex have a certain DNA?

Where do feature ideas come from?

What's hard about what Flex is building?

Is career advancement likely at Flex?

How stable are the teams? What's internal mobility look like?

What are the hours like? When do people work?

How are sub-teams organized?

What are the best reasons to NOT join Flex?

Will you remain a remote first company?

Feeling like a match?

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