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Here at Lever, we’re helping companies reimagine their talent strategies with more efficiency, data integrity, and the ability to nurture top talent. Our mission is to offer talent leaders powerful tools to source and build stronger relationships with candidates while providing industry-leading reporting. Lever’s unified Talent Relationship Management (TRM) platform helps us support the hiring needs of over 3,000 companies around the globe, including the teams at Netflix, Atlassian, Shopify, KPMG, and McGraw-Hill Education. As a member of our growing Engineering team, you will help us build and develop our core products while working collaboratively with product managers and designers to drive the implementation and release of major features. Interested in joining us on our mission to help the world hire with conviction? We’d love to hear from you.

Why do team members stay at the company?

How should candidates prepare for interviews?

Which company value resonates with you most?

How do you measure the success of individual team members?

What will new hires experience in their first 30 days?

If most engineering teams do 90 percent of their work the same, what's your 10 percent?

What’s your most important non-financial metric and how have you performed in the last year?

What's a moment that could only happen at this company?

What have you already built and what's next?

What’s the hardest problem you recently solved successfully?

How much agency does each individual engineer have at the company?

How does the engineering team interact with other teams at the company?

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