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Orbit is built by developer advocates who understand the power of community. Our community experience platform helps companies identify, measure, and improve their community members’ engagement, all while focusing on creating value instead of merely capturing it. We want to help our users deliver a stellar member experience, quantify their business impact, and become the next generation of community leadership. As a member of our team, you’ll help architect our overall technology direction while tackling the challenges of our product and engineering roadmap. If advocating for community as a business practice is something you’re passionate about, we’d be thrilled for you to join us.

Where do feature ideas come from?

What will new hires experience in their first 30 days?

What makes the team effective?

How should candidates prepare for interviews?

What moment are you in as a team?

What have you already built and what's next?

How has your perception of the company changed since you joined?

How much agency does each individual engineer have at the company?

What's the hardest problem you've recently solved successfully?

How does the team recognize good work?

What challenges are you most looking forward to in the next 12 months?

What characteristics have helped team members be successful?

What are the hours like and is remote work permitted?

Are there common misconceptions that you hear about the industry or your company?

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