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We sell software that’s leading the cloud financial management revolution. Our customers choose us to improve company performance and make finance more productive. From startups to public companies, Sage Intacct is trusted by thousands of organizations. Get to know us in the videos below and message Tom if you think you’d enjoy working with us!

How long is the typical ramp for new AEs?

What do you sell and who is your competition?

Why did you join Sage?

Where do leads come from?

How heavily do AE's lean on Solutions team members?

What's the top reason reps lose deals?

What is the atmosphere like on team calls?

What do successful team members have in common?

What is Sage Intacct's overall business strategy?

What does career advancement look like at Sage Intacct?

How do you know that Sage Intacct is actually a good product?

On the spectrum of competitive to collaborative, where would you place your team culture?

What would you say to someone coming from a large sales org?

How much do candidates need to know about the industry?

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