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Main Product Engineering (MAIN) @ Clear Street

Clear Street is building modern infrastructure for capital markets. Outdated technology makes markets difficult and expensive to access. We're fixing that. We started with prime brokerage, an industry that has struggled to see any real innovation in decades. Our cloud-native, prime brokerage platform has redefined what it means to work with a prime broker - improving access, speed, and service for our clients. We want to continue that change across all capital markets. Today, we offer institutions, professional traders, and brokers everything they need to trade U.S. equities and options. In the future, our platform will give all types of investors access to every major product in every major market. The Main Product (MAIN) Team is the team charged with all post-trade product development work as it pertains to Clearing, Settlement, & Custody and Risk for clients. They look to skillfully architect new automation and frameworks for our customers while ensuring a premium experience.

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