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Hi! We’re part of the sales team at Vendavo. Our mission and our passion is to help companies unlock growth and profitability. We collaborate with our customers like few others in our industry: By combining the best technology, processes, and—most important—people, we help global businesses achieve extraordinary results in driving predictable, profitable outcomes and growth. And we don’t just unlock opportunities for our customers: We’re building a culture of growth, opportunity, diversity, and inclusion for our employees, too. Within the Sales function at Vendavo, you’ll be responsible for quarterbacking your opportunities throughout the funnel, generating leads, and executing on a close plan with the support of the broader pre-sales team. Interested? We’d love to connect with you. Our team is growing. You will, too.

What do you make, who do you sell it to, and why do they care?

What makes the team effective?

What do top performers have in common?

How should candidates prepare for interviews?

When you interview candidates are there red flags you keep an eye out for?

What will new hires experience in their first 30 days?

How well do you pay compared to industry standards?

What does career progression look like through the sales function and how long between steps?

Why do team members stay at the company?

On the spectrum of competitive to collaborative, where would you place your team culture?

How much do candidates need to know about your industry?

Whats the average sales cycle look like?

Why do your customers love you?

In 3 years how does the market youre addressing look different?

Feeling like a match?

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