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Hey. We’re the structural engineering team at H+O – and we’re as interested in your career growth as you are. As a Boston-based firm specializing in mid-and high-rise building design, we’re expanding nationally and seeking talented, goal-oriented engineers to join our team. If you’re eager to grow, but frustrated with a lack of opportunities - H+O has you covered. Check out what A Better Experience at H+O looks like from our team below:

What was your impression of the interview process?

What range of projects does each team member work on?

What are the hours like and is remote work permitted?

How well do you pay compared to industry standards?

How much do team members collaborate on projects?

How has your perception of the company changed since you joined?

How do team members avoid burnout?

Do you do performance reviews? Are there bonuses?

How long have most team members been with the company?

How does H+O approach career growth?

What's it like to work with company leaders?

How does H+O handle clients compared to other structural engineering firms?

What suprised you about H+O?

Feeling like a match?

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